Chertow Training



This is a unique opportunity to receive world-class instruction in a very personalized, small group environment. Wrestlers travel from throughout the nation to train at our camps. Take advantage of this special opportunity to train with Ken at his Home Training Center located in Boalsburg, PA 6 miles from Penn State University. We will have weekend training for all ages September 25-26. You can register for one day or two either weekend. Summer 2004 campers receive a special discounted rate, email to enroll. For more details visit this link,


FALL CAMP OF CHAMPS October 1-3 at Penn State

These 3 day weekend Intensive Learning and Training camps will benefit you tremendously! These 3-day intensive camps provide a technique review of what was covered during the summer camp as well as time spent covering new techniques. We spend a large part of the time drilling and live wrestling so you can get yourself in wrestling shape while polishing up your techniques in the heat of battle. In addition to the wrestling mentioned above we will also discuss the key elements to becoming a champion including mental preparation, strength training, and personalizing a training plan for the pre-season as well as during the season. Camp of Champs are HALF PRICE for our 2004 summer camp students. Your fee includes free food and housing. This is a great deal so register now and get the edge it takes to succeed. Visit this link for all the details